Sound Design and Mix

A proper mix is more than just making sure the music isn’t louder than the voice.  It’s an integral part of any project.  When done properly, it reinforces what you are seeing.  It elevates the message you are trying to get across.  And most importantly, It gives your visuals emotion.
And that’s what sets us apart.  We’re not just here to make your project sound better.  We are here to make it feel better.  We’re not just adding music and sound effects…  we’re adding the right music and sound effects.  We could rattle on and on about all the amazing work we’ve done over the last few years, but really you could just hit play on the video below: 

We’d love to show you what we can do for your project.  Hit us up for an estimate or just to start the conversation.

We've added our depth of experience, knowledge and creativity in sound to:

Voiceover Casting & Recording

Finding the right talent to voice your project can be one of the most important steps in any media creation.  And there are endless places for you to go to find them.  But the team here at Rian/Hunter production have been casting, directing, and recording actors for over 20 years.  Our current roster of talent represents the best we’ve worked with –  they are reliable, talented and true professionals.  

Have a script for a project? Send it to us along with specs for talent and direction for the read – we’ll turn around an audition so you can hear your words brought to life! Choose your favorite talent and know that you are in good hands.


Expert Location Audio Restoration and Clean-Up

Perhaps these scenarios feel familiar: 

Bad location audio can be one of the most frustrating parts of an on-camera project – and we’ve heard a lot of it.  That’s exactly why we’ve invested in the best audio clean-up tools available and have years of experience using them. There is a world of difference between what we do and what you get from those free de-noise plug-ins that come with most systems.  
Send us your bad location audio and we will clean up 10 seconds of it and send it back to you for free, along with an estimate to finish the job.  If you think what we’ve done is worth it, we’ll take care of the remaining audio. Or even better, let us take your project all the way home by having us fully mix it – making sure it truly sounds its best!